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Today we just laid for a while. We laid in complete silence, hand on skin, and the only thing on my mind was the feeling of wanting this for the rest of my life.

-Me (via idiignant)

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He watched Her smile as She described Her favorite memories; gently brushing aside the hair that had fallen on Her face, She described Her childhood, dreams and hopes for the future. Leaving no detail out.

Slowly He began to realize that here at last were the missing pages that His book needed; here at last was the quiet whisper of that promised love that He had been seeking so long for. He finally understood how Adam must have felt the moment He had awaken to find Eve waiting there. To have another soul whose hands would fit with His, whose smile would radiate His soul and whose heart would beat along with His.

Here at last He found His companion, to journey life, happiness, pain and love with. Her voice was what had finally awaken Him from His slumber and He knew that He had finally found home.


T.B. LaBerge // The Novel of Us (via tblaberge)

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